Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More info on TA from Medical Professionals

Really great webinar:
For TA kids/adults and parents of TA kids


Our First Meeting: Support Group

We went to our first support group meeting last night and I can share that to any parent facing this ordeal – get a support system. We were scared at first and standoffish as talking about it still really hurts, but the group was awesome, we had several families who came and chatted with us after the meeting. Sharing stories and expectations with us. The support group is for CHD and not specific to TA, but we all share a bond - a child with a heart defect. They had a cardiologist guest speaker that talked to us about making the transition from a child pediatric cardiologist to an adult one and that was real informative.

All in all we found it very helpful and look forward to participating in many of the upcoming events they host – I am enamored with the love and encouragement these people showed us, we even cried together. Just when  I was feeling a little bit of lost hope, the meeting helped bring me back.
We live in the Jacksonville, FL area and the group is called:
Mended Little Heart of Jacksonville - they are on Facebook as well.