Monday, February 4, 2013

Monthly cardiologist checkup

Just got out, Ry's being presented to the team for review, her conduit has severe leaking and her PA's continue to make her cardiologist nervous. We will be waiting to hear recommendations tomorrow. Her right ventricle is tolerating the issues, so that's the silver lining - she's got a strong heart. Ideally if we can make it 6 months we will hold out and do an open heart surgery, if not a cath to hold us until she's a year. If she starts to show signs of decreased function she's a candidate for either procedure depending on severity of loss.

Update 2/11/13: Talked with her cardiologist, the team agrees that we need to get Ry bigger before next intervention. She will grow a lot in the next 6 months so we are hoping that she reaches a year before we need to either do another open heart, after a year of age, they will proceed with an open heart.