Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ryleigh Lately

So many of you are checking on Ryleigh this month, I am happy to report she is doing well, we are enjoying our intervention free time until July. She did a Disney cruise last month and loved it, she is a party animal, staying up until Midnight one night to party on the deck with her friends Mickey and Pals. She will be 21 months on the 24th. I am so happy she is growing into a beautiful young lady. The terrible twos aren't too bad just yet, but it might get worse. She will be starting preschool soon, hoping that helps her get some of this energy out.

She had her first ear infection and cold this season, she came through on top, kicking the ass of both! She did contract a tummy virus that had mommy covered once a day in yuckies, but after 4 days she rocked that too. The world is a dirty place!

Be well, another update will come soon!
Love the Walker's!