Saturday, July 14, 2012


So I go see my OB Specialist and they proceed to get Ryleigh’s movements monitored and asked if I noticed a decrease is fetal movement when I say yes, they ask by how much, when I reply I haven’t been counting but I have noticed her movements are less ntoday, they advised that we start counting fetal kicks, it took them about 20 minutes to wake her (heavy sleeper like her dad), but she did pass her movement test on Thursday after about an hour of shaking, lol. Friday comes and she is moving even less so I go see my OB and for some reason I am seeing a new doctor at 38 weeks, why would they schedule me with a new doctor? Anyway, she lacked complete knowledge of our situation, knew nothing about Ryleigh, knew nothing about me, knew nothing about where we are. I was sooooo frustrated. Every time I tried to explain her movements are weak and limited, she would start off my telling me “Pathologically…”, which has to do with diseases, I was very confused here. It was almost like she refused to acknowledge some of the issues were possibly because I am 38 weeks pregnant and maybe going to go into labor any day now! I really get frustrated at doctors sometimes; I mean do they think I can’t feel the difference in my baby’s movements? I have been carrying her for over 9 months now, I can tell she is not moving like she did and it has drastically changed in 2 days. I know her movements decrease from kicks to slides at this point, but that would be a gradual shift not going from one day kicking me so hard I could cry to the next day feeling nothing but a bit of pressure. This doctor did not even know I was dilated to 3 cm and 80% thinned as of last week, she didn’t bother to even check if progress has been made. I was happy to see that she took the initiative to file forms for the actual induction though. Yeah one small victory.

I had hoped to have Ryleigh on the 13th, but it seems she wants to set her own birthday or keep the one set for her…we shall see. I know my body is preparing for the big day, so I will be ready.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

False Alarm

Well she sent us to the hospital last Friday, contractions heavy for 3 hours, I finally gave in because they said they would rather me come in and be observed than be home delivering a baby, lol. I was 80% thinned, head is down, and 3 CM. Oh yeah, well when we got to the hospital the contractions slowed so they sent us home, sorry lost my train of thought. We go tomorrow to the specialist OB to get her photos done, lol, and then my OB on Friday to see if there has been progression. She is one active womb baby. She is doing well and quickly running out of room!!!

2 weeks from today and we will meet our daughter.  Stick to the plan Ryleigh!!!

Love Mommy