Friday, November 9, 2012

Procedure Complete

Her procedure went well. They were able to open the left pulmonary branch with the balloon nicely and it responded very well. The right pulmonary branch was more complicated and they were able to make it better, but not where it needs to be. Soooooo this means we've bought some time! Her doctor said she will be monitored closely for the next 6 months going to her cardiologist for testing about every 3-4 weeks. Best case she won't need another open heart surgery for 12 months. If things begin to narrow again (stenosis and scarring) we are looking at 6 months. Overall I'm pleased she can continue to grown and recover from the first surgery. Procedure in my mind was a success!

Ry's Cath Procedure

Whew, we are at the hospital for Ryleigh's cath procedure. Hoping this will have good results. I've been fine until we pulled in the parking garage and now I struggling to not start crying. She's so peaceful sleeping, but I know she will wake wanting food soon. Wolfsons Children's Hospital. Updates to come. We are checking in now, they will take her back in a bit.