Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Broken Heart Art

We went for a mini family vacation this past weekend to New Orleans, where we met our cousin Rebekah and her husband, Michael, to swamp Winston – who is our family dog.  Due to Ryleigh’s condition and upkeep, we felt it best if he went to live with them in San Antonio, which they are avid doggie lovers and were happy to take him. Winston is like a small child, very needy, and with all the Ryleigh will need to it is less complicated, besides we still get to see him.
Anyway, we passed by this local artist in the French Quarter and he was selling rather unique art – which has significant meaning to us. What are the chances, we would be there at the time this artist displayed his art and it mean so much to us? So we bought a piece and here is a photo.

The artist Facebook site is below, contact him if you want your won, he does some neat stuff.

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