Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Latest Update on Ryleigh 5/09/12

As I posted earlier at our 18-week visit our fetal OB specialist informed us of a brain malformation that Ryleigh has, at the time they were diagnosing it as Dandy Walker syndrome. At our 22-week visit they downgraded it to a brain cyst that is a Dandy Walker variant, which I have already posted on that and will not bore with the details again as the symptoms can be a wide range of things. Well they called us this week and set up an appointment for next week (May 15) to have an MRI scan of her brain done so we can see what this cysts is doing and what the prognosis might be (they can do this while she is in the womb, amazing!). Once the results are ready we will be adding a new doctor visit to a list, a pediatric neurosurgeon to discuss options (if any). 

Just when I had a moment of peace with the heart defect, I got hit with this, my world has flipped yet again, but amazingly we are coping. I try to find things to look forward to these days and my positive aspect is I am looking forward to our voluntary 3D scan of Ryleigh this weekend; we will get to see our sweet girl in detail and on video live!  I cannot wait, just in time for mommies day!!!
We are meeting with our fetal OB specialist this Friday to see if anything new has transpired and to get her fetal measurements (fetal cardiologist visit isn't again until June 5, the next one we get to meet the team of surgeons who will save her life!), I am hoping she is at least 2 ½ lbs, more would be great! Update and 3D photos to follow soon.

Be well friends!
LA, Craig, Cael, and baby bump Ryleigh

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