Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Updates

We had our pediatric cardiologist appt., OB specialist, and OB visit today. It was busy nonetheless. 4 hours worth of updates. The highlights are she is right on track, perfect 32 weeks 3 days. She looks so cute (see photo below). She has been practicing her breathing and they showed us her tummy moving. She also was yawning and rubbing her hands on her face, she may have been avoiding having so many photos. Lol. She is super active and loves to kick! While I have managed to lose a pound (12 lbs total for this pregnancy), we were so pleased that from a month ago she was 2 lbs 13 ounces, now she is 4 ½ lbs!!!  She is growing like a little weed! We need her to gain another 2 ½ lbs in the next 7 weeks.  J No tiny baby here.

We started our birth plan and have set an induction date, she will have her surgery 7 days after delivery. She won’t be able to eat until after her surgery, so it gives me a week to pump some milk so when she is in recovery she can begin to learn to eat through a little tube. Time is flying and soon she will be here! I go back in two weeks to OB and then after that July 5th and 6th are our next monumental appts. with a tour of the NICU/PICU and to meet the surgeons, they will also do their final scan of her heart before she is born. I will also see the OB and OB specialist for final planning of birth. We then move on to every week appts until the big day!

This is our quite before the storm.

Lots of love.

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