Monday, June 25, 2012

That plug is outta here.

Ryleigh is trying to find ways to get out, we are starting to dilate and I lost my mucus plug last week, she is very active and is head down. Contractions have begun and so far they have only lasted a few hours at 5 minutes apart – so we aren’t getting too ambitious to get to the hospital, lol. I was prescribed meds to slow contractions, but they put me to sleep for two days a pop, can’t have that, so I am not taking them! I am 35 weeks now and doctors say if I go into active labor, they won’t stop it, so either the contractions will start and not stop or my water will break – these will result in a baby being born. This will happen any day now!!!

We are excited and anxious and both agree we are not ready. We are ready to meet her though, but not ready for what will come just a few days after she is born. It has been a reoccurring nightmare for us reliving the surgery that is eminent, so in the long and short of it, I am ready to get her first open heart surgery done so we can bring her home and introduce her to "life" as we know it.
All in all she is doing great, we go next week July 5-6 for our next round of detailed exams with all of her doctors, we will meet with our OB specialist to get her anatomy scans to make sure she is growing and gaining weight on Thursday, and on Friday we have a 3 hour appointment at the Fetal Heart Clinic to scan her heart one last time before she is born, tour the NICU, PICU, and meet her surgeons, then we meet with my OB to get another exam to see how dilated we are! Of course this is all going on as planned if she stays put, which I hope she does, I want that moment to see where she will be and how it will all happen when she is born as opposed to seeing it all after the fact.

Soooooo, Ryleigh this is your mom, stay in their pretty girl!
All in all we are holding it together, still have our days, but together we have it all!

More to come next week.

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