Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cardiology Update

Ry had her cardiology visit today. Well I'm nursing a migraine again, but it only got worse when we got the results of Ry's echo, her cardiologist was not happy, her stenosis is near emergency levels, severe narrowing occurred since last appt. Her case is being presented tomorrow, they want her in surgery next week to address her stenosis, both pulmonary branches are nearly closed preventing adequate blood flood. I'm so sad, but I know they will get her all fixed up next week. She will be checked about every 2 weeks after cath surgery to see if the procedure worked, they will try this process twice, if it is not fixing it she will be scheduled for another open heart surgery to replace her pulmonary branches, which were small to start with. So I guess it's not the worst news but not the best. Hoping her balloon procedure(s) fix the issue for now.

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