Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th is a Great Day!

We had a round of doctor visits on Friday. As many may know Friday the 13th is a good day for me, I have always had good luck – and holding its own, this one was no different.

Ryleigh’s update – they did her measurements and she is textbook perfect! She is 24 ½ weeks along and weighs 1 ½ pounds, J. Her bones are measuring on point, she is growing beautifully. The cysts on her brain is still there but it has not grown, which is good news. We will go in about 4 weeks for the MRI scan of her brain to see if it is pushing on anything that can cause issues long term down the road.  Her heart condition is obviously still there, but this visit there was NO new findings. We are happy about this.

Overall, even though momma has not gained weight and has managed to lose a little, doctors are not worries as she is still growing; mine is totally related to stress! I have to start fetal kick counts, as she is not as active as we would like, but other than that, she looks great. We got to see a little bit of her face on the u/s and she is soooo freaking cute!!! Precious, she was smiling in one. I will post one below. She was being camera shy though, she had her back pushed out and was in the pike position with her toes resting on her head on some of the shots, legs fully extended. Everyone chuckled.

She is our “Imperfect slice of perfection!”  I cannot wait to meet her!

Proud Momma and Daddy

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