Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ry's latest and greatest

Ry underwent a cath procedure last week (22nd), where they were going to place stents on Thursday through the cath lab in hopes of giving her a year to 2 years before her next open heart. The procedure started at 8:30 am and the cardiologist's nurse called to say at 10 am the procedure was done, we knew there must have been something that happened, because the procedure should have taken 4 hours.

They were not able to provide any relief from her current condition, Ryleigh's last balloon cath weakened the arterial walls causing an aneurysm. So we were informed she will be headed for her 2nd open heart surgery in a few weeks.

The pressures were very high in her ventricles and the stenosis is much worse than they thought. It is not good news, but we are hoping they can patch the branches, replace the conduit, and address her VSD - so we can enjoy a 5-7 year break from open hearts!

Ry has already had 1 open heart at 7 days old, 1 balloon cath at 4 months old, and this previous cath which turned out to be nothing more than diagnostic due to the aneurysm at 1 year old, her next open heart will be at some point in September.

She is one happy baby otherwise and is so tall and amazing. Such a looker too, here we are doing Yoga!

With love,
The Walker's

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