Sunday, November 10, 2013

Updates since August - she had an open heart!

Ry had her 2nd open heart Sept. 30. Her surgeons were hopeful that they addressed the stenosis in her pulmonary branches from cutting them open and patching to make them larger thus increasing blood flow, they also attempted to decrease valve regurgitation by sewing one leaflet closed on her 4 leaflet valve, in addition replacing the conduit that was showing gradient and finally removing the aneurysm from the 1st cath. 4 major things occurred! 

Her surgery was a grueling 11 hours long - it took 4 hours for them to get through the scar tissue. They upgraded her conduit from a 9mm to 14mm and were successful in removing the aneurysm. However, the stenosis and valve issues remain, the surgery was not successful in addressing them in any significant way that would allow us to stay intervention free for a few years. We had a follow up with her cardiologist October 24 and he informed us that she would have to have another cath. Since her surgery was just done and she was experiencing a lot of PTSD from the surgery, he thinks it's best if we give her some time to heal her heart and her trauma. So we go back January 23rd to get the new game plan. We are thankful for the 3 months off to enjoy the holidays and watch her grow and get a break from all the doctor appts. We are sad that she will endure another cath soon after our 3 month break and possibly another open heart next year to address the stenosis and valve regurgitation, which is severe at the moment, but her heart is keeping up so far. The good news is the stenosis might be addressed in the cath using stents, if so we may be able to avoid another open heart for a year possibly 2! She is currently on a heart med called enalapril and on a daily dose of baby aspirin. 

Sorry for not posting sooner, it's just been a whirlwind of events. Several of Ry's heart friends have earned their wings, while others continue to fight. This journey is never easy and while nothing prepares you for all the ups and downs, we maintain our hope that Ry will continue to be strong and be with us for many years to come. 

Much love 
The Walkers
Ry putting on her big girl panties! A true fighter!

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