Wednesday, August 15, 2012

24 Hours Post Surgery 8/1 at 4:06pm

Ryleigh has officially made it 24 hours post op with OUT any issues, her vitals and gases are all great. She had a great night, she is on a diuretic to drain some of the excess water so they can close her chest on Friday, we heard they might do that tomorrow, but the chief surgeon just came in and said Friday, that’s ok because that means she will soon be off bypass and her drugs will be decreased
so we can see what her little body can do on its own. She is comfy and on pain meds, lightly sedated, we can talk to her and she opens her eyes and raises her little hands – she knows we are here. They plan to remove her chest tubes, breathing tubes, and life-support on Friday as well. She got one line of about 20 out today. She is doing great, best case scenario she is so far, but we have a long way to go.
She has one dedicated nurse each shift and they are AMAZING! All in all I am amazed at her resilience and strength, her heart is doing great, the next major milestone will come when her chest is closed and tubes are out – we can see if she has what it takes to function on her own (which I know in my heart she does, she just must!). It’s good that they want to remove this stuff quickly so she doesn’t become dependent. I am one proud, encouraged, deeply in love momma. I am so fortunate I am her momma, I have learned so much from her 8 days of tiny life. I hope this encourages all parents to go and hug your children a little tighter, love them a little deeper, and enjoy them - every moment you have them.
I banned photos of her while her chest was open and her chest tube is in. I don't want to remember her like that ever again, I hope when she is older she is ok with that.

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