Friday, August 17, 2012

Surgeon Visit - Update

Today we took Ryleigh to meet with her surgeon for a post op visit. Routine. They took xrays to look at her chest and heart. Heart looked great normal size. Such an awesome visit today! Ryleigh's surgeon says her heart looks fabulous, no issues, slight murmur they will monitor that, no chest swelling, lungs look and sound great. She's even gained weight & grew an inch! 7lbs 6 ounces, 20 1/2"!

Chest healed nicely, pretty zipper! :-) My girl! So pleased! No stent needed at this time to fix the narrowing of one vessel. Her surgeon says it’s too early and we will monitor it :-). That's awesome.
Some say she is a miracle, I would agree.

She has to stay isolated from crowds and people who don’t live in our house until after her vacinations, but over all that is not bad, so we have just over 4 weeks left on “house arrest” I am ok with it because I get to love on her all day! J

While she is the best case scenario, we are not taking any chances, momma bear is very protective of her baby cub! A cold may be annoying to healthy people, to a heart baby it can be deadly. I think we will stay home and wait it out. J Better to be safe!

Lots of love!
August 29th we see her Cardiologist for an echo and follow-up, routine! More to come.

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