Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 4, 5:09pm

Ryleigh is VERY vocal today. Her ventilation tube came out and a nasal feeding NG tube went in. They are going to start food tonight to her small intestine to see if she can tolerate. I am so glad to have that ventilation tube removed, but they stopped her pain meds until her vitals shows she needs them, poor thing she looks so uncomfortable. She’s on heart meds so if she gets pain meds it further...
lowers the heart rate. She has her moments of peace though, sis starting to look more and more like the baby I had before surgery. Each day is healing!
Monday she gets her chest tubes out and then we can start holding her again Tuesday!!! So Excited, she loves her head rubbed and for me to talk to her, she knows I am here and I am sooooo in love. What an amazing (and very feisty) little pea pod!

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