Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Emotions that set in...later that day...8/3

Just got home from visiting Ryleigh, poor thing is so miserable, she is fighting the tubes, makes me sad, she looks at me begging me with those eyes to do something, she looks so uncomfortable, I wish I could, breaks my heart, but tomorrow the ventilation tube down her throat will be removed, yahoo.
Hold tight sweet girl, soon comfort will find you, and your paci too. Can’t wait to bring her home ...
and really “baby” her!! Can’t wait to hold her, can’t wait to touch her again, can’t wait to smell her, can’t wait to kiss her, can’t wait to dress her, bathe her and change her…so many things I miss and can’t wait to do.
Love your babies; take nothing for granted even the small things like a simple touch, peck, or hug. I would give anything to rub her little feet.

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