Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8/6 at 10:05am

Ryleigh is still defying the odds! What a trooper she is. She started getting fed to her small intestine on Saturday, but she has figured it out that it’s not going to her tummy and is one cranky baby! She gets her chest tubes out today and a feed study done to see if she can begin eating to the tummy, if she does well, she may skip the NJ tube to the belly and get the bottle, nice! Either way she...
will be content once she gets food in the belly. So today will be another day of healing and hoping. I am hearing rumors that she may be home very VERY soon! Yesterday they were feeding her SI 6ml’s an hour, wow, I am going to deplete my reserve at that rate, lol. She looks good though, pressures are nice, oxygen great, heart is smooth, wonderful. I may teach her how to live life, but she teaches me the meaning of it every day!

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